With enthusiasm to the top

Anton Bauer, born in 1971, represents the 4th generation to manage the now 29-hectare winery. After his graduation from the School of Wine and Fruit Growing in Krems, Lower Austria, and a training in Burgundy he worked for more than four years as an oenologist with a renowned Lower Austrian winery. Since 1992, when he took over the winery from his parents, at this time 3,2-hectare, he has been uncompromisingly pursuing his ideas of quality, paying great attention to underlining the typically regional features and the terroir character of the wines that make them incomparable and unique.


This philosophy turned out to be a success, and his wines are continuously in great demand. The typically Austrian wines, topped with a certain international touch, stand their ground even in the most competitive world markets: 70% of the annual production is exported, with the most important customers being based in the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and in Belgium.