Private Selection

the "Legendär" label is always designed by Yvonne Obermoser-Hildenbrandt

Legendär 2012

70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 5% Blaufränkisch

32months Grand Cru Barriques

14.0 vol% alc


deep, dark rubingranat with some violett highlights; attractive black forest berry confit, hints of blackberries and licorice , a hint of precious wood. Complex , powerful, black cherries , prominent spicy tannins , mineral and well sustained , chocolaty aftertaste , will benefit from bottle aging .



Legendär 2011

limited Kitzbühel


50% Cab.S 20% Merlot 15% Syrah

15% Blaufränkisch

32 months Grand Cru Barrique

14.0 vol alc


strong, dark rubingranat and violett highlights. Sandalwood, a touch of nougat and caramell and dark berrys.Full body with very present tannins


Legendär 2009

limited Kitzbühel

60%Cab.S 30% Syrah 10% Merlot
32 months Grand Cru Barrique
13.5 % vol alc

Strong, a touch of plum, nougat and orange zests. Elegant and dark berry fruits. Ripe cerry in the finish.

Legendär 2007

limited Kitzbühel

45% Cab.S. 45% Merlot und 10% Syrah 34 months Grand Cru Barrique
13.5 % vol. alc.

Dark rubingranat, violett reflexes. Elegant, fine and well tannine. A light chocolate touch in the finish.

LegenDär 2006
limited Kitzbühel

67% Cabernet Sauvignon + 33% Merlot 34 months Grand Cru Barrique
14.0% vol. alc.

Ripe cherry in the nose, nougat and nut aromes. Dark berries and citrus in the finish.

LegenDär 2005
limited Kitzbühel

55% Cabernet Sauvignon + 45% Merlot 32 months Grand Cru Barrique
14.0% vol. alc.

In the nose paprica and vegitables notes. Different empressions from butter creme to pralines.

LegenDär 2004

limited Kitzbühel

50% Cabernet Sauvignon + 47% Merlot + 3% ? + 30 months Grand Cru Barrique
13.6% vol. alc.

Deep dark, black core, some brettanomyces parts in combination with a classical rum pot tone, spices of mulled wine, some blackcurrant and cinnamon spice; concentrated on the palate, excellently reflects the varietal character, again blackcurrant and ripe, red berries, mineral, spicy tones of herbs and fruits with a toasting coat determine the long finish - unbelievable resources!


Private Selection 2008

Grüner Veltliner - 100% new oak
13.5% vol. alc.

Intensive gold, shining and brillant, in the nose roasted, spicy but also honey and aromas of dried fruit combined with an intensive rose-flavour: on the palate intensive interplay from wood and dried fruit, extract sweetness; rounded; strong stamp from the power of the ripe grapes - a promise for the future.

Private Selection 2006 RED
limited Feuersbrunn

70% Blaufränkisch + 30% Cabernet Sauvignon + 24 Monate Grand Cru Barrique
13.5% vol. alc.

Dark rubingranat, violett reflexes. In the nose inviting dark berries and a very attractive bukett.